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A center for neurological recovery and whole body wellness

Health is a whole body approach that encompasses neurological activation, metabolic restoration, and psychological renewal.

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We help with residual symptoms resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, concussion (PCS), balance disorders, dizziness, vertigo, cognitive decline, and those who seek performance optimization. 


Resiliency Brain Health incorporates neurologic activation and restoration through a series of evidence-based therapies combined with metabolic and psychological support.


Dr. Scharlene Gaudet is the Clinical Director of Resiliency Brain Health. She is a highly sought-after expert in neurological and metabolic disorders, both clinically and in the lecture circuit.

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“Dr. Gaudet has an intuitive understanding of how the body is supposed to optimally perform and when it doesn't, she goes to work. She is like a master investigator that hears every detail of a patient's issues, ties together what needs to happen to get their brain firing effectively, then begins to make it happen.”

—  Donna Cranston 

Founder - Defenders of Freedom

A Successful Recovery

Jeremy was hit by a truck and suffered a TBI.


He was in a coma and stayed in the hospital for weeks. Recently, he came to Resiliency for treatment.

This is his recovery story.

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