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Resiliency (noun):

the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; the ability to spring back into shape

Our Vision

Resiliency Brain Health was founded by Dr. Scharlene Gaudet on the principle of treating the entire body when helping patients recover from neurological injury. The human body is a complex, interconnected set of systems that can thrive in perfect harmony -- or struggle with immense conflict when improperly balanced.

The brain, as the primary center of organization, has the responsibility of maintaining this physiological harmony, so when it suffers an injury, any number of systems in the body can be impacted. Using the results of multidisciplinary diagnostic testing, we develop treatment plans to address each element of imbalance within your body. 

Our bodies and brains are intelligently capable of healing themselves, though sometimes a nudge in the right direction is necessary to restore these capabilities. Our intention is to help patients cultivate resiliency of body, brain, mind, and spirit through a treatment methodology emphasizing empowerment and self-responsibility.

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Dr. Scharlene Gaudet

Dr. Scharlene Gaudet attended Parker University graduating with a doctorate of chiropractic, a bachelors of science, a certification in animal chiropractic, and later received a diplomate in functional neurology from the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology and a masters degree in clinical neuroscience.

Dr. Gaudet organized the first all women's adjusting seminar at Parker University and continues to be a strong advocate for advancing women in all aspects of medicine. Dr. Gaudet’s passion for helping veterans has been and continues to be cultivated from interactions with her family members that served in our military, as well as multiple nonprofits in her community serving veterans and their families.

She now works as a the clinical director for Resiliency Brain Health, which specializes in traumatic brain injury, neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation, neurodegenerative, and metabolic disorders.  Dr. Gaudet also enjoys her continued work with service animals through Guardians of Soldiers.

Dr. Scharlene Gaudet

Founder, Clinical Director of Resiliency Brain Health

Founder of Guardians of Soldiers, a 501 (c) (3) to treat service animals of disabled US Veterans


  • Parker University

  • Carrick Institute Postgraduate Studies in Neurology

  • Clinical Neuroscience Postgraduate Studies

  • Palmer Chiropractic Postgraduate Studies of Electrodiagnostics

  • Texas Chiropractic College of Postgraduate Studies

  • Parker Animal Chiropractic Studies


  • American Chiropractic Neurology Board

  • Masters in Clinical Neuroscience

  • Doctor of Chiropractic (state of Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Louisiana)

  • MIT Sloan Neuroscience for Business

  • Universite Laval-Concussion: Prevention, Detection and Management

  • Certified Clinical Nutrition

  • Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission

  • Texas Veterinary Medical Association- RVT/LVMT

  • Stagen Human Performance Program


  • Texas Chiropractic Association

  • American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

  • Women Chiropractic Wdc

  • Texas Veterinary Medical Association


  • Parker Chiropractic All Women Adjusting Seminar 2015

  • Polish Special Forces International Symposium 2016

  • International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation


  • Valley View Health Clinic - Women's Health, Nutrition

  • San Antonio Friday Schools - Nutrition

  • Defenders of Freedom Awareness Event

  • Defenders of Freedom's An Evening with Patriots 

Dr. Michelle Eisenmann

Clinician - Functional Neurology

Dr. Michelle Eisenmann

Dr. Michelle Eisenmann attended Parker University where she earned her Doctorate degree in Chiropractic, her masters degree in clinical neurology and fellowship. She has a bachelors in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas.


She has also completed additional courses in neurological studies with an emphasis on neuroplasticity, traumatic brain injury, post stroke rehabilitation, vestibular dysfunction, dysautonomia and more. 


Due to her own health and family history Dr. Eisenmann has a passion for healthy lifestyles. When she is not working at the clinic she assists people with brain injuries by teaching them how to live a lifestyle that is supportive to recovery.


In her free time she enjoys spending quality time with her friends, family and traveling with her husband. Being born and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Eisenmann offers services in both English and Spanish.


  • Doctorate - Parker University

  • Master's Degree  - Parker University

  • Bachelor's Degree - University of North Texas


  • Doctor of Chiropractic (state of Texas)

  • Master's Degree in Clinical Neuroscience

  • Functional Neurology Fellowship

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